We strive to aid Multiple Sclerosis patients in overcoming MS.


We strive to aid Multiple Sclerosis patients in their journey to wellness through HSCT and continued alternative therapy.

MLP aims to provide funding and support for improving the quality of life for those that are determined not to let MS steal their functionality, their sanity, and their joy. HSCT (Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation) has become one of the most promising treatments for patients living with many terminal illnesses and has given MS sufferers the hope of someday leading “normal lives”. The treatment provides no guarantees but has been shown to at least stop disease progression, and in some cases, improve a patient’s current symptoms.

The team @ Move, Live, Prosper believes that HSCT provides those with MS their best hope of a “normal life”. In addition to HSCT, it is crucial to remember that one of the most important steps in this treatment and recovery is making a real change to a healthier lifestyle. This is where alternative therapies come into play.

In the future, MLP hopes to expand its resources to provide funding for HSCT, mobility scooters, vehicle lifts and various other tools that can make everyday life more manageable for MS patients.

The first initiative for MLP is to assist Chelsey financially in acquiring HSCT and to continue a healthy cycle of living going forward. Having used her personal income to acquire a scooter and a vehicle lift in order to keep her moving, MLP will fund her journey through treatment and through her recovery. MLP aims to ensure that Chelsey and those that follow have access to this life-saving treatment and continued healthy living, allowing them to remain healthy for many years in the future.

Chelsey's Journey
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